Our Company

Christy Industrial Services (CIS) is a full service refractory contractor providing a variety of construction, maintenance, repair, and demolition services throughout the United States since 1981.  

Our team of ceramic engineers and skilled field personnel, are highly experienced in all aspects of refractory construction.  Combined with our fleet of shotcrete rigs, and refractory pumps, CIS is able to solve your refractory installation and maintenance problems, while providing the flexibility to meet your budget, beat your schedule, and exceed your quality requirements. 







Christy Industrial Services is a member of the Christy family of companies, which includes Christy Refractories, Christy Minerals, and Christy Catalytics.  As a corporate entity, the Christy family is celebrating 95 years of excellence in refractory markets.

Christy Catalytics LLC, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a premier supplier of ceramic balls and alumina balls for absorbent and catalyst bed support, worldwide.

The Christy Refractories Company LLC manufactures and distributes refractory and insulating products to target industries of metal, glass, and ceramic production.

Christy Minerals Company LLC, located in High Hill, Missouri, engages in the exploration, mining, and processing of refractory and ceramic raw materials.

Our Mission

The Christy Industrial Services mission is to make our work a pleasing offering to the Lord while enriching our families and our society. We do this by focusing on three key elements of our business.  First, all of our actions are guided by integrity and the Golden Rule.  Second, we focus on our customers, namely, we seek to be beneficial and of unique value to our customers, who in turn provide for our very existence as a commercial entity.  Finally, at the very core of our organization are our people.  We attract and keep outstanding personnel, who are knowledgeable and experienced in their field, to better serve our customers.